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After making a name for itself in the Stateside, ACE Hotel London Shoreditch, Ace Hotel Group’s first UK property, has finally arrived on British soil. Ace Hotel is renowned for its style, using vintage and reconditioned furniture and street art to decorate their rooms.

Bursting onto the Shoreditch boutique-hotel scene, Ace Hotel London Crowne Plaza Hotel, on 100 Shoreditch High Street, has been given a hipster makeover befitting traditional Shoreditch style. As you’d expect this one is a little bit different from their Stateside hotels. This newest retro-chic hotel is one of the group’s most rewarding projects to date. Re-establishing 100 Shoreditch High Street as a vital, engaged participant in a neighbourhood steeped in a complex heritage, good ideas and inimitable culture to ensure it retains the unique atmosphere.


A historic neighbourhood and global nexus of creative culture and a canvas for street artists from around the world, Shoreditch is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in London. Ace Hotel London opened its doors in September with 265 rooms and plenty of space for both meetings and parties.

Responsible for the façade and interior of the hotel is Universal Design Studio. Ace Hotel has worked with the London-based architecture and interior design firm, which shares with Ace the appreciation of history as well as the desire to create something new and fresh. Both the façade and interior of the hotel focus on the traditional craftsmanship, embedding the heritage of Shoreditch. Dark “engineering brick”, often found in classic local buildings, is used to ground the base in local tradition, and contemporary takes on traditional materials, created by expressive brickwork, infill and patterning, reanimate the street level of the building. The design is clever, urban and industrial yet with a character that relates to its location. The architectural and design expression reveals itself at every turn. Overall the hotel’s design is pitch perfect for the Ace Hotel brand.


The hotel features modern and contemporary accommodation with the same remarkable Ace Hotel concept. A 1,800 square foot event space on the seventh floor, a 2,700 square foot restaurant, Hoi Polloi, and a 3,900 square foot public area, comprising of the ground floor lobby, café, bar and gallery space provide the hotel with a variety of areas to relax and socialise. Ace Hotel’s organic and locally sourced materials, like their cork ceiling fitted with copper lights and timber parquet flooring, enrich the setting in local visual culture. A mixture of vintage and bespoke furniture, intimate enclaves and the long bespoke sixteen-seat communal worktable in the lobby creates a relaxed atmosphere and the perfect hub for social interaction.

The lobby bar is the place to be, with a different DJ set almost every night, getting guests on the dance floor until the early hours. During the evening the bar acts as the best location to enjoy a cocktail and leisurely people watch with its skylight that pulls in the natural light and unique bar cladding, bar stools and cocktail tables, designed by artist, Max Lamb.

Ace is informed by the amazing effluence of creative culture in Shoreditch and they are inspired by its past, present and future therefore Ace will be collaborating with local artists to create inspired work in their guest rooms and common spaces and they rotate the artist exhibitions in the gallery space.

Ace Hotel London Guestroom

Ace Hotel London is definitely an artist’s dream, not only does the hotel guest rooms offer the typical upscale fare they also feature modern and lavish designs, Rega RP1 turntables and guitars in selected guest rooms, and a youthful air of hipster chic. Rooms have unique artworks and guidebooks, sketchpads and magazines and carefully selected coffee sits on the tables.

Ace Hotel London Guestroom Ace Hotel London Guestroom

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch - Room image  6- Photographed by Andrew Meredith Ace Hotel London Guestroom

All guest rooms are fitted with a full-width daybed encouraging social interaction and a round table replaces the traditional hotel room desk. Every guestroom features farmers’ bath products, quilts by A.P.C. leather and change trays by Ally Capellino.

Ace London Final Press Model Room Selects Ace Hotel London Guestroom

As guests enter the lobby through the Lovage juice bar and the fragrant flower shop, run by local florist, Hattie Fox, they are greeted by the Square Mill Coffee Roaster’s coffee shop, serving the very best coffee for serious coffee lovers. Alongside the lobby is the Hoi Polloi, a 100 seat English modern brasserie, created by Pable Flack and David Waddington. The Ace London’s restaurant is by the duo behind Bistrotheque, and is something of a sequel to Bethnal Green’s restaurant serving super seasonal English produce. Hoi Polloi will be open throughout the day for informal, no-reservation eating and drinking.

HattieFox10.9.13_HR_CC_AndrewMeredith_004 HattieFox10.9.13_HR_CC_AndrewMeredith_002

The hotel is stylish and youthful; the funky, minimal décor underlines the point that the Ace has more in common with apartment life, home away from home, than with the conventional hotel experience. Ace hotel is definitely a hipster hangout and an eccentric hotel.

ACE HOTEL London Shoreditch
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  1. Francis Brobby Reply

    I like how the article brings out two cultures together such as an American culture on British soil with a unique atmosphere. I was very excited to read this story as I am from Shoreditch and will be hanging out there very soon.

    • Katherine Reply

      Thanks Francis, is good to have someone who’s from Shoreditch to give us some feedback on how you like the article! Shoreditch has definitely changed some much the last couple of years!

  2. Lisa David Reply

    What a great idea to redesign this hotel !
    In fact, they rethought everything, from the outside to the inside. The hotel seems Vintage, everybody can feel at home in those types of rooms. If I went there, I would feel very comfortable.
    Materials are different but match very well, as the article wrote, this is a “hipster hotel” !
    Young and trendy atmosphere, staying classy in the same time. I love this concept, and how the writer presents this place.

    • Katherine Reply

      Thanks Lisa! Glad you enjoyed the article. That’s what OnFeature is about! We constantly searching for new inspirations to share with our readers. Don’t miss any updates from OnFeature! Join our Twitter and Instagran today and follow what interests you!

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